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The color of the world is changing day by day. Red, the blood of angry men. Black, the dark of ages past. Red, a world about to dawn. Black, the night that ends at last.


The color of the world is changing day by day. Red, the blood of angry men. Black, the dark of ages past. Red, a world about to dawn. Black, the night that ends at last.

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Nostalgia time.

Nostalgia time.

Tonight is one of those nights where I over think EVERYTHING humanly possible and then mope about stuff. Writing it down helps me feel better. So yeah, list time.

I hate my stress fracture.
Will I be able to break a 6 minute mile now?
Am I making the right choice about running at NGU next year?
Am I doing what God wants me to?
Is senior year supposed to be this boring?
Some of my best friends from last year are slowly growing away from me.
Do I chase after them or let them go?

I hate nights like this, where all I have are questions, and I can’t seem to think of answers.

But everything seems better in the morning.

Running a 23:45 was disappointing today, but if I had run that time last year, I would have cried tears of joy.

Bless the LORD, oh my soul

I’ve been really caught up in the whirl of cross country, especially since I’m battling for top spots in jv and a spot on varsity. Today was especially bad since my entire day was filled with good runs and bad runs, my awesome team mates, the awesome news of making varsity for next Saturday, etc. I just wonder how the olympians do it. I wonder how some football players do it! How do they humble themselves as to lift up the name of the Lord? I had to constantly remind myself to give all the glory to God. Because he has blessed me with things I take for granted. Strong legs. Healthy strong lungs. Healthy heart. Good family support. A coach who cares. A team who may as well be my family. Clean water. Gatorade. Racers. Trainers. Spikes. Food. A car. An awesome school. Super comfy running shorts. A too small singlet. The list could literally (no Zeller pun intended) go on forever. Yet do I once thank my Heavenly Father for these, other than at the dinner table? This can be taken to the school level, too. Whhs has the BEST facilities. THE BEST administrators and teachers. THE BEST student council. But I bet that this thought doesn’t cross our mind too much. I can even take this to a national level. Go to a foreign (3rd world) country, and you’ll see what I be talkin about! WE HAVE IT MADE HERE! I once saw a stat saying that if you made 10k a year, you were among the 10% richest in the world. Being a senior, I am encouraged to aim high, be a surgeon! Be a politician! Be a business woman! Go for the two big G’s. Gold n glory. But let’s remember the other 90% of the world. The 90% who consider themselves billionaires if they have a meal to eat that night. Who are lucky enough NOT to contract AIDS, and to live to the ripe old age of 30.

A part of me just wanted to ramble a little, and a part of me wanted to put this on here to remind someone to be grateful for your everyday blessings. Okay sure, you didn’t get the new life proof customized case. Bummer. But at least you have an iPhone!

Let’s remember that this week, and pray for those who aren’t as fortunate to be living in such a safe, thriving country as USA. Pray for their religious freedom, and pray for their health and safety. And let’s thank the Lord for all of his blessings he has poured onto us. No matter how small or insignificant they may seem to be.

God bless!!!!

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He struggles at times

He struggles at times

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Come so far

This time last year I had anemia and was struggling to laugh. I was tired 24/7 and felt like I had been hit by a bus. Twice. This time last year I ran a 26 something minute at the Eye Opener. And since I felt awful, I didn’t even care about that time.

This year, I am healthy. I am finally starting to peak. I finished 13th out of 277 girls with a 23:58. And I was aiming to hit a sub 26 minute. I’m not saying this to bring attention to myself. I’m just writing this because I’ll look back at this post when I’m having a “sluggish” day, and I’ll remember what this personal victory felt like.

What a difference a year makes. Thank you Father for blessing me with legs and lungs to run, a great family and team, and a father figure coach.

I’m honestly gonna miss her more than life.

I’m honestly gonna miss her more than life.

#nigerian #dwarf #goats #kenny #bobby #babies Love meh sweeeeeeeet babies

#nigerian #dwarf #goats #kenny #bobby #babies Love meh sweeeeeeeet babies

I remember back in January when I just started running again and could barely run a 10 minute mile, but I was just so excited to be able to stretch my legs out and go. Now I can barely get out of bed every morning to run a 6:45 mile. Funny what senioritis does to ya.

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This definitely deserves a reblog. Always.

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